The Hong Kong Society of Psychiatrists (HKSP) presents:
An Examination into My Own Mental Health

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Emotional problem is often neglected by many people. To prevent avoiding the issue and affecting treatment, a regular self check-up is vital.

The following “An Examination into My Own Emotional Health” from HKSP will assist you in better understanding your own mental health condition.


Please read each statement and select an appropriate answer applied to you over the past 2 weeks. There is no right or wrong answer. Do not spend too much time on each statement.

I found it hard to wind down.

I found scared without any good reason.

I could not seem to experience any positive feeling.

I experienced difficulty in breathing (e.g. without doing exercise).

I found it difficult to work up the initiative to do thing.

I tended to over-react to situations.

I experienced trembling and fast heart beating.

I felt I was using a lot of nervous energy.

I was worried about situations in which I might panic and make a fool of myself.

I found that I had nothing to look forward to.

I found myself getting agitated.

I found it difficult to relax.

I felt down hearted and blue.

I was intolerant for anything that kept me from getting on with what I was doing.

I felt I was close to panic.

I was unable to become enthusiastic about anything.

I felt I was not worth much as a person.

I felt that I was rather touchy.

I could not find any medical reason after repeated medical investigation.

I felt that life was meaningless.

I want to harm myself repeatedly.

I have no support from friend or relative.

I have not received any counselling or psychotherapy.

Your score:

Please pay attention to your emotional status. Please consult your family doctor or psychiatric doctor. You may also browse the following links of non-governmental organizations to find out more about mental health support services.

Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service
Institute of Mental Health Castle Peak Hospital
The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong
New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association

Keeping a good mood is the best way to maintain a mental health state. Click here to learn more about the information on mental health.

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